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Peter Skvarča

Peter Skvarča, Authorised representative of the Management Board bio

Peter joined the Group in 2007 as deputy chief operating officer of the primary insurance subsidiary Sava Osiguruvanje in Macedonia. He advanced to chief operating officer in 2009, and he took over as chief executive officer in 2011. During his leadership until year-end 2018, he strengthened the company’s financial stability and efficiency. In early 2019, he joined the parent Sava Re as an authorised representative of the management board responsible for reinsurance operations. Peter started his career as an adviser and later economic counsellor to the Slovenian ambassador to Macedonia. In addition to Slovenian, he is fluent in English, French, Serbian and Macedonian. Peter holds a degree in political science from the University of Ljubljana and a master’s degree in European integration from the University of Limerick.

Telephone: +386 (0)1 47 50 209

Jane Koliševski

Jane Koliševski, Head of Treaty Reinsurance and Retrocession   bio

Jane joined Sava Re in 2010. He first worked in non-life reinsurance underwriting and later gained valuable experience in marine and liability reinsurance. In his ten years at Sava Re, he has significantly contributed towards strengthening business relationships with clients and raising the Sava Re profile in numerous, especially Asian, markets.

Telephone: +386 (0)1 47 50 267
Markets: China, India, Indonesia, Mongolia, SIngapore

Erika Repar

Erika Repar, Head of Facultative Reinsurance  bio

Erika joined Sava Re in November 2016 as director of facultative reinsurance underwriting. Prior to that, Erika worked in non-life insurance for 13 years, specifically in product development and complex risk underwriting, and six years as director of product development and non-life underwriting in a Sava Re subsidiary, where she was also in charge of facultative reinsurance underwriting. Erika holds a degree in economics from the University of Ljubljana. She has co-authored a guide to product liability underwriting for defective products published in Slovenian.

Telephone: +386 (0)1 47 50 269

Treaty reinsurance and retrocession 

Reinsurance underwriting and development

Imre Horvath

Imre Horvath, M.Sc., Head of Underwriting bio

Imre joined Sava Re as a senior underwriter in 2011 and was appointed director of underwriting in 2013. He is mainly specialized in property and motor business. Before joining Sava Re, Imre worked 13 years as an actuary in Hungary, six years as a certified actuary. 
Imre graduated from the Budapest University of Economic Sciences, Faculty of Economic Theory and Actuary, and also holds a bachelor's degree in wildlife management.

Telephone: +386 (0)1 47 50 224
Markets: United Kindom, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Northern Europe, Caribbean islands

Borut Sabotin

Borut Sabotin, Senior Underwriter & Adviser bio

After working for the Slovenian Insurance Association, Borut joined Sava Re in 2007. He was promoted to underwriter in 2009 and to senior underwriter in 2011. He specializes in property business. Borut  graduated with a degree in economics from the University in Ljubljana.

Telephone: +386 (0)1 47 50 216
Markets: Italy, Turkey, Israel, Middle East, Republic of South Africa, Central America

Alexander Barsukov

Alexander Barsukov, Senior Underwriter  bio

Alexander joined Sava Re in 2011 as a senior underwriter and is currently an area manager for the former USSR and a facultative underwriter. He specializes in property and energy risks. Alexander graduated with a degree in economics from the Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Computer Science, Faculty of Statistics.

Telephone: +386 (0)1 47 50 212
Markets: Russia and other CIS, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Oceania

Borut Tomc

Borut Tomc, Senior Underwriter bio

Borut joined Sava Re in 2017. He started his career as a reinsurance underwriter focusing on the rating of non-proportional catastrophe treaties and natural catastrophe modelling. In 2019 he was promoted to area manager responsible for Asian markets. Borut holds a degree in financial mathematics from the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mathematics.

Telephone: +386 (0)1 47 50 258
Markets: Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Pakistan, Bangladesh

Reinsurance marketing

Simona Čampa

Simona Čampa, Senior Underwriter bio

Simona joined Sava Re in 2008 and was promoted to assistant underwriter in 2009. Simona started servicing CIS markets as an underwriter in 2010. In 2012 she was promoted to area manager, with property business as her main area of expertise.
Simona holds a degree in political science from the University in Ljubljana.

Telephone: +386 (0)1 47 50 275
Markets: Philippines, South Korea,Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea

Andrew Kemp

Andrew Kemp, Advisor bio

Andrew joined C.T.Bowring on graduating in Modern Languages from Oxford University. He went on to senior roles in the London Broking community with a focus on International reinsurance in Europe, Middle East and Africa, and developed an extensive range of connections in all these markets, before joining Sava Re in 2012 as an advisor. Andrew is fluent in French, Russian and Polish. He served as a senior examiner at the Chartered Insurance Institute, and is himself a Fellow of the C.I.I.

Telephone: +44 (0) 74 25 60 54 89

Inacio Bintchende

Inacio Bintchende, Area manager  bio

Before joining Sava Re in 2015 as area manager for Africa, Inacio held various positions ranging from young researcher at the Institute of Forestry of Slovenia to investment consultant and business developer at GBI lda, Guinea-Bissau.
Inacio graduated with a degree in forest engineering and an advanced degree in economics, both from the University in Ljubljana.

Telephone: 01 47 50 256
Markets: Africa

Alenka Strmec

Alenka Strmec, Underwriter bio

Alenka joined Sava Re in 2012 and was promoted to assistant underwriter in 2015. Currently, she is supporting the underwriting team and assisting with the underwriting of facultative liability business in Slovenia and the former Yugoslav countries.
Alenka holds graduated in sociology from the University in Ljubljana.

Telephone: +386 (0)1 47 50 266
Markets: South America, Maldives and Nepal

Group reinsurance & retrocession

mag. Peter Mesesnel

Peter Mesesnel, Head of Retrocession  bio

Peter joined Sava Re in 2004 as a liability underwriter (including MTPL). He was promoted to senior underwriter and area manager in 2009. In 2014 he was appointed director of retrocession and Group reinsurance, while retaining his responsibilities as a senior underwriter and client manager. Over the years Peter has gained particular expertise in property, marine and casualty business.
He holds an advanced degree in economics from the University of Ljubljana.

Telephone: +386 (0)1 47 50 248
Markets: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Ex-Yugoslavia

Urška Jezeršek

Urška Jezeršek, Senior Underwriter bio

Before joining Sava Re, Urška worked ten years in different Slovenian insurance companies. Her experience ranges from business acquisition and claims to business lines like MOD/MTPL, property, health, marine and reinsurance. Urška joined Sava Re in 2009 as an underwriter and area manager. Her main area of expertise is property. Urška graduated with a degree in economics from the University in Ljubljana.

Telephone: +386 (0)1 47 50 274
Markets: Albania, Greece, Cyprus, Ex-Yugoslavia, France, Benelux 

Facultative Reinsurance Underwriting

Reinsurance / Facultative

Tetiana Spys

Tetiana Spys, M.Sc., Senior Underwriter  bio

Tetiana worked 10 years for a major Ukrainian insurance company, where she headed the reinsurance department, covering facultative, treaty reinsurance and retrocession. Tetiana has experience in underwriting aviation, space risks, rolling stocks and property. She joined the Sava Re team as a senior underwriter for facultative business in May 2015. Tetiana graduated with a degree in economics and a master’s degree in finance from Kyiv University for Market Relations.

Telephone: +386 (0)1 47 50 257

Vanja Voglar

Vanja Voglar, Underwriter  bio

Vanja started his career in a construction company, after which he worked as a loss adjuster with a major Slovenian insurer. In 2012 he joined the Sava Re claims department and since 2013 has also worked as a facultative underwriter. Vanja holds a degree in civil engineering from the University in Ljubljana.

Telephone: +386 (0)1 47 50 286

Lucija Žibert

Lucija Žibert, Underwriter bio

Lucija began her career at a Slovenian branch of a leading German insurer, where she worked in property and liability underwriting for 10 years. Among other skills, she gained extensive experience in construction and aviation underwriting. Lucija joined Sava Re in December 2018 as a facultative reinsurance underwriter. Lucija holds a teaching degree in English and Russian from the University of Ljubljana. She has taken part in advanced Russian language training in Russia.

Telephone: +386 (0)1 47 50 265

Mariana Vasle

Mariana Vasle, Assistant Underwriter  bio

Mariana joined the Sava Re staff in 2019. Since then she has been supporting the facultative reinsurance underwriting team. Mariana developed her communication, organisation and intercultural skills in various jobs abroad and by working on international projects. Mariana holds a master’s degree in translation from English and German. She is also fluent in Spanish and Italian.

Telephone: +386 (0)1 47 50 118

Reinsurance / Group support 

Barbara Jošt

Barbara JoštSenior Underwriter bio

Barbara joined Sava Re in 2008 as a reinsurance underwriter in the Group’s reinsurance and retrocession functional area. In 2016 she advanced to senior facultative reinsurance underwriter specializing in liability insurance, and she is now also responsible for marine and aviation reinsurance. Barbara started her career with Slovenia’s largest insurer in 2003, first working in non-life marketing and later moving to product development and underwriting of complex liability risks. She holds a degree in economics from the University of Ljubljana.

Telephone:+386 (0)1 47 50 278

Daša Jošt

Daša JoštUnderwriter  bio

Daša joined Sava Re in November 2016 as a facultative non-life reinsurance underwriter. She started her career in construction in 2005 as an assistant site manager, and she was then promoted to site manager. In 2013 she joined a Sava Re subsidiary as an underwriter, specialising in construction insurance. Daša holds a degree in civil engineering from the University of Ljubljana.

Telephone:+386 (0)1 47 50 245