Our vision
We are building a customer-centric, flexible and sustainability-oriented insurance group.

Credit rating

Key strategic priorities of the Sava Insurance Group for 2023–2027

Customer at the centre

Customer at the centre as a key priority of the previous strategy, which we aim to develop further to get even closer to the customer, their needs and wants

Optimisation of business processes

Optimisation of business processes necessitated by the information, communication and organisational changes driven by the environment, regulation and our strategic customer focus

Sustainability action

Sustainability action to follow regulation and our own commitment as a group to work towards sustainability in the three key areas: the environment, society and governance

Video statement by the chairman on strategic development

Targets for 2023–2027

More about the Group’s strategy and business plans for 2023–2027

Strategy for 2023–2027

Business plan for 2023

Overview of strategic priorities

Past strategies and business plans of the Group

Revised strategy for 2020–2022

Strategy for 2020–2022

Business plan for 2022

Business plan for 2021


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