With headquarters in Slovenia and presence in many reinsurance markets worldwide, you will gain the opportunity to travel and be connected with diverse languages and cultures.

  • We cooperate with more than one hundred global markets and provide our employees with the opportunity to work in the international reinsurance market.
  • As an insurance group, we maintain regular business contacts with six countries in the region.
  • We are a highly qualified, well-informed and ambitious team that is always on the lookout for new opportunities to grow.
  • Working with and within other Group companies opens new opportunities for growth and collaboration.

You will develop your knowledge and skills, build strong relationships with partners and clients, and participate in activities that make our society and environment better.

  • We foster a collaborative and team-oriented company culture, which is the foundation on which we build good relationships, mutual respect and close collaboration.
  • We foster a collaborative and team-oriented company culture, which is the foundation on which we build good relationships, mutual respect and close collaboration.
  • We continuously grow and improve as a business, thus providing our employees ample opportunity to further their professional and personal development.
  • With socially responsible activities and our Heart for the World project, we contribute to the better future of our planet.

We are a company that fosters open communication and empathy. We encourage you to contribute to the success of the team and your growth will follow.

  • We develop and build various communication channels and follow up on the needs of our employees, with empathy and a target-oriented approach.
  • As employees we are particularly proud of our team spirit and our mutual support and assistance.
  • We enjoy the full trust and support of the management board, which is reflected in a high degree of independence and responsibility.
  • We always recognise and reward good work.

Flexible work arrangements and various promotion opportunities allow you to balance your personal and professional goals.

  • Flexible working hours and the possibility to work from home allow our employees to balance their work, family, leisure activities and ambitions.
  • The work is always interesting and dynamic, as it is organised around the opportunity to work on various exciting projects where teamwork is encouraged.
  • We listen to and accept ideas from our employees to improve our processes, products or working environment.
  • We all grow with our business and feel strongly committed to the company, which knows how to listen to what we have to say and offers countless development opportunities.

Flexible working hours

We are aware that each employee has a different work rhythm, which is why we offer flexitime arrangements, i.e., flexible start and finish times, for all employees. This helps employees achieve a better work-life balance, reduce stress and increase efficiency at work.

Working from home

Many employees take advantage of home work arrangements when they want to work from their home office or simply feel like changing locations. This freedom reduces stress and significantly improves the quality of work. .

Health Day

Health day is an extra day off that reminds employees how important it is to take care of their health and well-being. It is a day filled with various sports and other activities that serve not only as an investment in their health but also as an excellent opportunity for a relaxed day out with their colleagues.

Sports activities

We encourage physical activity, so we have made sports a part of our culture. We socialise through sports and organise Group sports games; we take part in organised physical activities and thus promote health, well-being and team spirit.

Professional training

Knowledge is power, which is why we provide our employees with a range of training and education opportunities. Throughout the year, we organise a number of professional and general training courses, as well as external professional development opportunities for all employees.

Parent-friendly benefits

We care for the children of our people. Parents accompanying their first-graders on the first day of school have the statutory right to paid absence from work, and employees with statutory childcare rights have the possibility to work part-time. Every year in early December, children receive a gift from Father Frost, and new parents are sent a birth telegram at the maternity hospital.

Events for employees

Every year, we organise a number of events for our employees to build team spirit and camaraderie. We never forget about birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. We also join forces when life throws us a lemon.

Insurance at a reduced price

We are well aware of how unpredictable life is, so we provide affordable insurance products for our employees. They can join various group insurance schemes or take out individual insurance at a lower price with our subsidiaries.

Holiday facilities

Everybody needs a break to recharge and restore his or her motivation, so we offer holiday facilities for our employees to use throughout the year. Two company-owned holiday facilities are offered in Bohinj, Slovenia, and Karigador, Croatia.

A glimpse at our activities and benefits

At Sava Re, we are aware that our employees are the heart of our business, so we see their good health and well-being as a value that does not exist only on paper but is practised through many different activities and benefits. Our aim is for each of our employees to find something that they can enjoy while doing something healthy and enjoyable for themselves.

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