Questions from shareholders raised at the 37th general meeting (25 May 2021)

Shareholder questions and answers 25 May 2021

How will the termination of KDD registry accounts affect me as a shareholder, and what do I need to do?

You will find instructions regarding the termination of KDD registry accounts here.

How can I find out how many POSR shares I own?

The Central Securities Clearing Corporation (KDD) in Ljubljana keeps records of the number of shares in your account. For an annual account balance statement or a statement on a given date, visit the KDD website.

Where can I buy or sell POSR shares?

You can buy or sell POSR shares through banks or brokerage firms that are members of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange. You will need to open a trading account in accordance with their terms and place an order for the purchase or sale of POSR shares.

What do I do if my personal data has changed?

If your personal data has changed, you need to inform the Central Securities Clearing Corporation (KDD) in Ljubljana. Any change to your bank account details needs to be reported to your bank or brokerage firm that maintains your trading account.

What do I need to do if I inherit POSR shares?

If you inherit shares, you need to apply for a securities transfer with the Central Securities Clearing Corporation (KDD) in Ljubljana. For more information, visit the KDD website.

When did POSR shares start trading on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange?

POSR shares started trading on the LSE in 2008, following an initial public offering. Shareholders were issued shares on 9 June 2008. The issue price per share was €28. Another public offering of shares was held in 2013. Shareholders were issued shares on 17 July 2013. The issue price per share was €7. In 2012, POSR shares were transferred to the prime market of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange.

When is the general meeting of shareholders scheduled to take place and how can I attend?

Under the rules of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange and the Slovenian Companies Act, general meetings of shareholders are generally called once a year. The Company publishes general meeting notices through the SEOnet system provided by the Ljubljana Stock Exchange and through its website, on the AJPES website and on its official website, at, as well as in printed form in one of the daily newspapers provided for in the articles of association, namely Delo, Dnevnik or the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, at least thirty days prior to the meeting. General meetings may be attended by all holders of POSR shares, who can exercise their voting rights either in person or by proxy.

In order to attend the general meeting and exercise voting rights, shareholders must send the Company a registration form no later than by the end of the fourth day prior to the session of the general meeting, and they must then be registered holders of shares listed in the central register of book-entry securities. The conditions of participation or exercise of voting rights at the general meeting must be set out in detail in the notice of the general meeting.

Shareholders may exercise their voting rights in the general meeting according to their share of the Company’s share capital. Each no-par-value share with voting rights carries one vote. Voting rights can be exercised by proxy based on a written proxy form, or through financial organisations or shareholder associations. Own shares carry no voting rights.

When can I expect dividends?

The date and amount of dividends are determined by the general meeting resolution. It also sets the cut-off date for dividend entitlement of shareholders who are entered in the Company’s share register regardless of how long they have held POSR shares (record date). Current and historical information on dividend payments is available here.

Who can I contact if I have not received any dividends?

Dividends are paid by your bank or brokerage firm that manages your trading account. Please contact them if you have not received your dividend payment.

Are dividends taxable? Do I have to include dividends in my income tax return?

Dividends paid to Slovenian citizens are taxed at 25%. On payment of dividends, the tax is withheld and paid to the tax authorities. Slovenian citizens receive a net dividend of 75% of the total gross amount. Dividend payments and the tax paid on them are not included in the income tax return of Slovenian citizens as the paid tax is deemed the final tax payment.

To pay out dividends, Slovenian companies must calculate, withhold and pay tax on dividends at a 25% tax rate. Dividends are not included in annual income tax returns. Thus, there are no obligations for shareholders who receive dividends. For more information, visit the FURS website.


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