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Sava Re is a dynamic Slovenian/international insurance group present in more than 100 insurance and reinsurance markets all across the globe. The company’s key advantages include 40 years of experience, international reputation, good performance, and stability of operations. Sava Re provides reinsurance services to over 200 partners worldwide. In the insurance field, Sava Re owns seven insurance companies and a pension company, which makes it one of the bigger insurance groups in Southeast Europe.


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  Financial Calendar

 7 May 2018  Release of Sava Re, d.d. Solvency and Financial Condition Report 2017

 10 May 2018  Quiet period

 24 May 2018  Release of the unaudited financial report of the Sava Re Group and financial statements of Sava Re, d.d. for the three months to 31 March 2018


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  Financial Reports

  Audited annual report of the Sava Re Group and Sava Re, d.d. 2017 [.pdf, 5.37 MB]

  Quarterly Report 1-9 2017 [.pdf, 2.11 MB]

  Semi annual report 2017 [.pdf, 2.06 MB]

  Quarterly Report 1-3 2017 [.pdf, 2.04 MB]

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Sava Re Group

Sava Re is the largest of reinsurance companies domiciled in Central and Eastern Europe, founded in 1975. more  

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