General Meeting Resolutions Period Gross Dividend per Share (€) Dividend Payment Start Date
34rd General Meeting 2017 0,80 14 June 2018
33rd General Meeting 2016 0,80 20 June 2017 
31st General Meeting 2015 0,80 29 September 2016
30th General Meeting 2014  0,55 14 July 2015
29th General Meeting 2013  0,26  25 August 2014

Taxation of dividends paid to domestic natural persons

Due to the inclusion of Slovenia's Central Securities Clearing Corporation into the TARGET2-Securities system, Sava Re, d.d. applied the new rules for the setting of the record date (ex-dividend date) and the dividend payment date for 2016. Accordingly, the record date is 19 June 2017 and the dividend payment date is 20 June 2017.

Dividends paid to domestic natural persons are taxed at 25 percent. On payment of dividends, the tax is withheld and paid to the tax authorities. Domestic natural persons receive a net dividend of 75 per cent of the total gross amount. Dividend payments and paid tax thereon are not included in the income tax return of domestic natural persons as the paid tax is considered final.