Our Value Compass

Our mission

We ensure financial safety and a profitable future to our employees, our clients and our shareholders. We offer professional and personal development to our employees, we are partners to our insureds and give them our full support, and to our shareholders, we ensure an adequate return on equity. We are developing a friendly and responsible relationship to the environment and to society.

We have a vision

The Group members will be recognisable in their target markets for providing the highest-quality services in the industry. By offering a complete range of products, we will allow our clients to select the optimal level of financial safety based on their specific needs. In offering expert support to our clients, we will always be guided by their safety and satisfaction.

Our strategy

With a positive climate, good business culture, continuous training and investments in employees, we are contributing to a continuous development of insurance and ancillary products and to more optimal business processes. We are developing a Group-specific corporate culture that will be reflected in the quality of services and in the loyalty of employees to their company and the Group.

By definition, insurance is the provision of economic security by spreading economic risks, which shows that the insurance industry is tightly linked with the broader economic environment. Within this system, we have the responsibility to support activities that improve the social environment. Group members will support such activities in their local markets.

We have values

We are dedicated to our clients because we believe that by providing quality services, we are building long-term relationships. We believe that the satisfaction of our partners is the measure of our success and our partners share in the reputation of the Sava Re Group. We believe that success and reputation fosters employee commitment and satisfaction. We believe that satisfied employees are professional, responsible, innovative and - committed. We are committed to our clients.